Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Succulents

I love succulents. Really. I do. When a bride comes to me and tells me they want to use succulents in their wedding...I get excited.  They just have so much personality.
This weekend, I have a bride who will be having these on her tables.
Succulents, moss and canning jars. And, of course, a lily grass tie. 
The babies. 
Jars with a layer of pea pebbles and reindeer moss.

A little tricky slipping the succulent inside the jar....
Add water.

Tie the rims with a lily grass blade and there ya go!


Belvedere Flowers said...

pretty cool Dore! Nice job and thanks for sharing, Adam

Joan Peck said...

Nice! I am scouting around for sustainable and wonderful wedding guest gift ideas. Baby succulents in small canning jars would be great!