Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Poor Carnation

Carnations were one of my first loves.
I love the delicate, sweet fragrance of cloves,
the longevity, the colors.
Especially the deep, deep purples and lime greens,
and, yes, white just might be my favorite.
The poor carnation. Such a bad rap. They just got overused...sold on every street corner, grocery store and used everywhere.
They were designed poorly, just poked in here and
there just to take up space.
Then, they got shoved aside without even knowing what it was they did wrong.
When I opened my second shop, 20 years after the first, I became a carnation snob.
My rule was...no carnations..they are a "special order".
But, how could I turn my back on my old faithful
friends? I love the carnation designed in a mass
and all one shade. Lush.
I am so enjoying creating clean, sleek, modern designs with them. I love to present a showy carnation piece
and hear the comments from my customers,"I don't
normally like carnations, but, that is really, really