Monday, February 27, 2012

Low Lush Garden Landscape for Centerpiece.

I love to use wooden crates for low, lush garden landscapes. 
Great for centerpieces. 
You can see over the flowers and actually take 
a virtual walk in the design.
So fun to create, just see where the flowers find themselves. 
Landscaping on a miniture level. 
Here is a how to for you to make your own.
Be creative and enjoy!

First, line the box with heavy foil, or, if you are lucky enough to find a 
disposabal foil baking pan just the right size, this works best. 
Just trim the edges.  You can hide the foil at the end with sheet moss.
Fill with oasis, cutting spaces which will house the plants.
I am fond of using succulents. 
Keep your flowers all the same height and very low to the box. 
Place in clusters, just how they grow in the gardens.

I like to use lots of textures. Soft and frilly flowers, sharp and edgy. 
Moss, berries, rocks and twigs.
This design has succulents, lavender roses, Freesia, 
Kermit poms, Elephant toes,  seeded Eucalyptus, green roses, 
Hydrangea, Kale & Green Trick, to name a few.