Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Weddings

I cannot tell you how many times I hear, "Are people still getting married these days?"
Yes!  E v e r y o n e  is getting married, it seems!  This weekend, Stems flowered 9 brides.
Each were special and unique.  I loved them all.
Penny was a Big Ring girl.  No hand-held traditional bouquet for her.  Loved it!
And, loved her style. Check out that dress.
Flower Ring
A beautiful morning at Evergreen Lake
Jane Giagni Harpist
Cymbidium and Blue Bom Orchid Centers

Orchid Shots
The Bistro tables had two lovely orchids in tall shot glasses. Only, the wind was with
us today.and sometimes we need a little support from nature.  
We sent the guys on a rock hunt and I think it added a nice touch.
A bit about the Blue Bom Dendrobium orchid, which we fondly call them 
"Tie Dye Orchids" @ Stems. 
They are exotic and opulent, and make a breathtaking sight at your wedding or special event.
Our grower in Thailand takes a purple orchid and enhances the color just a bit with blue dye, 
creating a smashing intense color.
                             Love to Penny and Jeff!