Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prom Flowers April 24, 2010

Alyssa got the full package. Handheld bouquet, flower ring and hairpiece.
This is how we assemble the corsages. Line them up
on the "corsage bar" and make four at a time. Its a
tedious, sticky, messy procedure, but, the  outcome
is worth it.
We had several schools with proms this weekend, to keep them organized, 
each school had a different colored box.
These two decided to meet at Stems to pick up their flowers
before they headed out for the evening.

A few bouts.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding at The Sanctuary, Sedalia Colorado

What a beautiful setting!
Marissa and Erich got married on April 17th at
The Sanctuary in Sedalia, Colorado.

Marissa choose a wonderful mix of zesty colors

Amazing orange freesia and ranunculus, cherry red and  yellow tulips,  hot
pink boronia, lime green Fugi mum, blue iris, hot pink gerbera daisies....
Color was everywhere, but her bouquet was classy and casual cream French tulips...

Erich's Boutonnierre'

Centers in line waiting for the ride...
At the party
Welcoming details.

Stems A Flower Shop

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This just might be my favorite cut flower.  

Comes from the Greek word , "windflower", the petals close in the dark and the cool,
and opens with the light and the warmth. It is said that the anemone
sprang from Aphrodite's tears as she mourned the death of her lover, Adonis.

Represents anticipation. 
Rightly so, as when these flowers open, I feel a fresh flirt with spring.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have had the honor to supply the flower designs for a
great fund raiser tonight, held at the Lakehouse in Evergreen.
Flowers I chose: Kangaroo Paw, Purple Tulips, Orchids,
Fatsia, Swiss Thistle, Billy Balls and, of course, Horse Tail.

Catering by Aspen Specialty Foods and Catering
Great Food!