Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are flowers still relevant to our lifestyle?

Are flowers really relevant to our lifestyle?  What is their value?
I buy fresh flowers every day. Well, I am a florist.
I either leave them in vases for people to buy loosely,  or I design them into a bit of fresh art.
I then deliver them to people for any number of reasons.
I have been in the flower business since 1978.  I am amazed that people still have fresh flowers in their lives as they did then. Maybe more so.

I don't just sell flowers.  I sell the value they hold, the feelings and emotions they represent. Flowers influence the emotions. Flowers can speak volumes. Flowers are given for the moment, to get or to give that unique feeling that buzzes up inside your soul.
This feeling is something you get when you give flowers and also the same feeling you get when you receive flowers.
If you have never experienced this, try delivering a bundle of flowers to someone.
The recipient is so excited. The emotions are unrehearsed and real and the feeling actually transcends onto you. The power of flowers. Like a runners high.

I love the part that I play in peoples lives. Very happy or very sad occasions.
I think that the most meaningful part of my job is delivering the flowers and seeing the look in the eyes and the smile on the face of the recipient.

Yesterday, I received two phone calls from a person who just received a very simple gesture of flowers. It was apparently from a friend that she hadn't seen in so long and this friend just wanted to let her know she was thinking of her.
She called first to say how lovely. Then called me again to say that she was so happy that her friend somehow knew to call me, in her words, "she found the best florist to call".

Handing flowers to Frank, the man who's wife had just died.  He was so touched that someone thought of him to send beautiful flowers.
He was moved enough to tell me about his wife. It released his heartfelt emotions.

A new baby girl was born this week. The mother received a bouquet to mark the day and to ease the pain of delivery.

The men who spent great detail in writing their cards for Valentines Day, and actually choosing flowers that they feel would make their love shine.
The men who do not send flowers on this "forced" holiday, but, send then all year long, for no reason at all.

The hostess who opens the door to her guests and is given flowers to show their appreciation.

Flowers help feed our need for serenity, inspiration, wellness, gratitude, love and optimism.
Are flowers still relevant?  I believe so. 


Unknown said...

I love the part you play in people's lives too! You rock, Dore!

Robyn P. Thayer said...

super duper important are our flowers, in particular the flower artists! xoxo