Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Weddings

Summer Brides Bouquets......
Green. Love this combination including the leaf wrap.

Just Billy Balls and lily grass with a twine tie.

Beautiful yellow calla lilies, freesia, billy balls and grass loops.
So fragrant. Taupe Stock, Freesia, Queen Anne's Lace, Ranunculus, Hydrangea.

Orchid cascade.

Just sweet scented peony.

Purple is a popular color this season. Fresh Lavender, Stock, Callas, Lisianthus and feathers.

Assorted lacy ferns, white Peony, Freesia and Hypericum berries.

Yellow and white. Another favorite combination.

Blue Eryginium and lily grass.

Shades of whites and creams.

Sunflowers, Tulips and Callas.
Creamy white and pink Peony, Cymbidium Orchids, & Dusty Miller.

Blue Bom Orchids, Peony, Peacock feathers and succulents.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rustic Wedding

The Brown Barn, located at the Evergreen Memorial Park, just may be my new favorite wedding venue. Surrounded by mountains and evergreens, the 100 acre park is graced by rolling meadows, rustic cabins and a beautiful, barn overlooking the reservoir and foothills.
The Barn Chapel is an historic collection of five old barns ranging from seventy to one hundred years old. The barn features beautiful antique stained glass windows, large picture windows and warm interior.
Alison and Craig did a fabulous job at creating romance in a lovely rustic style.
I especially liked the "lounge" they created in the upper loft of the barn,
by bringing in comfy couches and chairs for a living room feel.
A twist on the typical photo booth, Alison found Polaroid film on ebay
and provided a camera for the guests to take old fashioned photos.
The film most likely had been around for awhile, as the photos had a great aged feel.
The bride and groom were married in Mexico a month ago, this was the reception.
Just a hairpiece and boutonniere for the couple.  Stems filled the collected bottles and jars
with berries stems, foliages, succulents and even pretty red radishes. 

The Brown Barn

View from the Upper Loft
Farm style set up of tables.
Overview from the loft
The Bride collected all sorts of cool bottles and jars from thrift stores.

The Sweet Heart Table
The Groom's Boutonniere.

Complete make over of the upper lounge

The restroom door with moon cut out.

Friday, April 20, 2012


My favorite part of prom is when the kids come in to order and pick up.
Some come in solo, some with a parent, 
and some as a couple.
  But, they usually come in and say the same thing.
"I heard this is where you go to get a cool corsage".
Stems is where you come if  you want more than
"Option 4"
 offered from the local grocery store,
and you want a presentation that does not include 
a bar code on top of the box.
 Or, if you want to say,
 "Just do something with this color, cool, funky, 
I trust you."

Below are ideas.
 Let me know your color and we will
custom your corsage.
Basic Wrist corsage: $28.00
Basic Boutonnierre: $13.00
Order by Email 
or call: 
303 674 4995
Tie-Dye Orchid wrist corsage. $26.00 as shown
Tie-Dye Boutonniere. $13.00 as shown

White orchid wrist corsage with bling $30.00
White rose Boutonniere $12.00 as shown
Designers Choice: Custom colors and flowers to compliment your dress!

White freesia Boutonniere: $13.00 as shown.

Calla Lily available in white, yellow, pink, purple. $13.00
White Ranunculus wrist corsage.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Low Lush Garden Landscape for Centerpiece.

I love to use wooden crates for low, lush garden landscapes. 
Great for centerpieces. 
You can see over the flowers and actually take 
a virtual walk in the design.
So fun to create, just see where the flowers find themselves. 
Landscaping on a miniture level. 
Here is a how to for you to make your own.
Be creative and enjoy!

First, line the box with heavy foil, or, if you are lucky enough to find a 
disposabal foil baking pan just the right size, this works best. 
Just trim the edges.  You can hide the foil at the end with sheet moss.
Fill with oasis, cutting spaces which will house the plants.
I am fond of using succulents. 
Keep your flowers all the same height and very low to the box. 
Place in clusters, just how they grow in the gardens.

I like to use lots of textures. Soft and frilly flowers, sharp and edgy. 
Moss, berries, rocks and twigs.
This design has succulents, lavender roses, Freesia, 
Kermit poms, Elephant toes,  seeded Eucalyptus, green roses, 
Hydrangea, Kale & Green Trick, to name a few.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some of My Favorite Brides Bouquets of the Season

I have so enjoyed creating this years brides bouquets. Each different in color and texture combinations.
Including the use of fresh herbs, vegetables and succulents. Here are just a few of my favorites.
Asiatic Lilies, peach Gerbera Daisies, Billy Balls

Hydrangea, Gerbera Daisies, Peony, Calla Lilies.

Orchids, Grass, Stephonotis, succulents, Allium, Kermits, Berries, Lysamachia
Shades of Purples, Lavenders and Blues.

Hydrangea, Stock, Freesia, Thistle, Berries.

White Lilies, Calla Lilies, Light Eye Sunflowers, Freesia, Gerbera

Yellow Pin Cushion Protea and Yellow Billy Balls

Mango Calla Lilies, Orange Unique Roses, Yellow Freesia, White Roses, Hydrangea

Green Cymbidium Orchids, Eggplant Calla Lilies, Green Hydrangea.

Apricot roses, burgundy Dahlias, Dusty Miller, Berries, Freesia and succulents.

Uhle, Lotus Pods, Berries, Calla Lilies and Freesia

Simply Calla Lilies and Lily Grass

Green Hydrangea, Berries, Ranuculus, Thistle and succulents.
Peach Gerbera Daisies, Billy Balls, Orange Lilies
Chocolate Sunflowers, Circus Roses, Dahlias.

My Foodie Bouquet: Kale, Artichokes, fresh Radishes, Berries, Freesia and fresh herbs.
Hydrangea and double pink Tulips.